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Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer

Xiomara began her career at the young age of 15 working for her small town newspaper. She interviewed, got the job and a Nikon Em Film camera all in one day.   

In her time at the paper she mastered working in a fast pace environment. She flourished and grew in the love of film photography. A true introvert, she thrived in spending hours in the dark room enjoying the quiet art form. 

Fast forward a few years... she married her high school sweetheart and they settled into a nice home life routine. She and Josh prefer the quiet, simple life over fast paced hustle. At that time she got an opportunity to seasonally work with a studio during their Christmas rush. This was a challenge for her slow pace mindset but helped her in learning how to work in stressful situations, something she still puts to use on a busy wedding day.  In was only a few years after this experience that she mentored under an stablished wedding photographer, where she discovered her passion for telling love stories. She describes it as an "Aha! moment".  12 years later she continues to grow in her craft and love for the art of creative story telling with an emphasis in photojournalism over posed style. 

From Xiomara:

"I truly believe photography is more than just a photo. I believe it is an art form. I believe it freezes seasons, emotions, memories and love. My goal is to create imagery that will make you laugh, lovingly reminisce, as well as move your soul to tears. 

My intention each time I pick up my camera is to document reality. The special moments before my eyes and to give them an authentic voice that will remain timeless 30 years from today. At the end of your time with me I want you to say "she captured the moment perfectly!" That's when I know I've done my job well! "

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